Measure W

Election Day is upon us and I have a “Once in a Generation” opportunity for all of you Angelenos out there to ensure a lifetime increase of water supply from much safer, cleaner water.  It is called Measure W.  In short, Measure W is a stormwater collection program that targets runoff pollution, the largest source of pollution to our waterways.  It will help capture, clean and REUSE the over 100 billion gallons of wasted water that otherwise hits the pavement, gathers oil and other trash and pollutes our beaches and oceans.  It’s a win-win because it will keep polluted stormwater out of waterways, capture much needed water to supply Southern Californians, and create new parks and other green spaces.    

I have been a water quality lawyer for most of my career, and I am fully supporting Measure W. I hope you, my Everyday Eco-Habit family, will consider doing the same on the November 6th ballot.  

Allow me to enlighten you on Measure W:

Measure W is a parcel tax that will raise roughly $300 million per year.  This funding will provide improved water quality, increased water supply, and the potential for more eco-friendly communities such as new parks or green spaces. These environmental areas will provide natural stormwater drainage but will also provide more open space, fresher air, more oxygen, and can even help with climate change.  I feel healthier just writing about it. 

Yes, Measure W is a tax; however, it is a small tax that will provide a plethora of benefits to anyone living in Los Angeles.  If you’re concerned about the tax, take this simple parcel tax quiz to find out how much your tax would be.  I think you will find it is a small price to pay for an increase of water supply from cleaner water. 

We all know that Angelenos need more water.  Measure W is one simple, genius way to get it. Other options like desalination are far more costly – both to our pocketbooks and to the environment - being both highly expensive and energy intensive.  Why spend so much energy and money desalinating water when nature filters stormwater for us?  It does not make sense to allow 100 billion gallons of water to flush out to the ocean, then spend hundreds of millions of dollars to suck that water back in for man-made desalination, producing only 3 billion gallons of drinking water in the process.

Want to know more?  If you live in the South Bay of Los Angeles, join me on October 17 at 10:00 am for a free cup of coffee and an intimate chat with Heal the Bay’s CEO at Two Guns in Manhattan Beach.  Can’t make that?  Check out Yes on Measure W to get the facts so you’ll be ready to cast your vote. My So Cal Eco-Habit friends, help LA get an abundance of the clean water it so desperately needs.  VOTE YES ON MEASURE W during this November election.  

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Water-LESSAngela Wingard