You do not need any special skill or even extra time and it doesn’t matter where you live and what your income is.  You just need to be open to small tweaks in your habits that add up to big effects.  

I have spent my entire career as a passionate protector of the earth.  Now I want to share all the knowledge I gained with YOU.  I am excited to show you super simple “eco-habits" you can adopt that can make a HUGE difference to protecting our earth!  I am confident you can do this once you learn just how easy it is.  

So I’ve started this blog, dedicated to inspiring “Everyday Eco-Habits for Everyday People,” like you and me.  Here’s how it will work:

Each month, I will focus on one- just onesimple action you can take to live a little greener. 

By the end of the month, that simple action will have become your new “eco-habit" and you won’t even think twice about it going forward- it will just be whatcha do.  Then we will tackle a new action the next month, and so on and so on.  Before you know it, you will have adopted some eco-habits to help you live a lot greener with little to no extra effort or cash out of your pocket.  In fact, you may even save some green while you live green!

You game?  I will be available every step of the way and will pull in all sorts of my green friends to share their eco-wisdom and inspiration.  

I look forward to the journey with you to make our earth just a wee bit better off . . 

Credentials + Experience


Kim is an environmental lawyer and founder of Grades of Green, an environmental education nonprofit.  She spent 15+ years representing environmental groups stem pollution of our land, sea, and sky.  She also taught Environmental Law at Pepperdine Law School and UCLA Extension.  

When her kids started school, she volunteered to green their school and district, helping both to receive the U.S. Department of Education’s Green Ribbon award.  She was pleasantly surprised at how willing they were to adopt green habits – they just needed the information on how to do it.  In just one meeting, every single school in the district was converted to “Green Seal” certified cleaning supplies, resulting in thousands of kids no longer being exposed to harmful chemicals!  

This inspired Kim to found Grades of Green, which has grown from that first school to a movement of over 650 schools across 47 states and 20 countries.  As a result, 500,000 students are being inspired and empowered to care for the environment by reducing toxins, waste, and air emissions, and conserving water & energy.   

Kim is currently is a partner at Cooper & Lewand-Martin, where she consults environmental groups, foundations and tribes on environmental advocacy issues. She serves on Grades of Green’s Board of Advisors, the Manhattan Beach Environmental Task Force, the Manhattan Beach Unified School District’s Green Council, the South Bay Cares Environment Committee, and the American Martyrs Creation Care Team. She has previously served on the Board of Directors for the Coalition for Clean Air and Grades of Green, the Legal Advisory Committee for Heal the Bay, the Executive Committee of the Los Angeles County Bar Association Environmental Law Section, and the Editorial Boards of several environmental legal publications.