Hi.  My name is Kim Lewand Martin and I have spent my whole career trying to change the world by making the earth a little greener, first as an environmental lawyer and then as a founder of an environmental nonprofit.  Now I want to share all the knowledge and expertise I gained along the way with YOU.  

I know it can seem as if there is so much to do to create a healthier environment that it becomes overwhelming.  That’s why I’m here.  I want to focus on positive, super simple “Eco-Habits" anyone can do that can make a huge difference for the environment.  So I’ve started this blog, dedicated to inspiring “Everyday Eco-Habits for Everyday People,” like you and me. 

Here’s how it will work: each month I will offer you one – just one- super simple change you can make to help our environment.  Since they say it takes 21 days to create a habit, by the end of the month that simple change will have become your new “Eco-Habit”.  You won’t even think about it going forward- it will just be whatcha do.  Then we will tackle a new Eco-Habit the next month, and so on and so on.  

By focusing on just that one simple change a month, you can create 12 positive Eco-Habits a year!   Before you know it, you will be living a lot greener with little to no extra effort or cash out of your pocket.  In fact, you may even save some green while you live green!  You can feel good knowing you made our earth way better off because those small Eco-Habits, done by many, will collectively have made a significant improvement to our environment. 

I am confident you can do this once you learn just how easy it is because I’ve seen it in action.  When my kids started pre-school and kindergarten, I volunteered to green their schools.  I was pleasantly surprised at how willing the schools and students were to adopt green habits – they just needed the information on how to do it.  This inspired me to found Grades of Green, a movement of over 500,000 students from all over the world taking action to care for the environment.  Just like those students, you do not need any special skill or even extra time and it doesn’t matter where you live or what your income is.  You just need to be open to small tweaks in your habits that add up to big effects.

You game?  I promise to help you every step of the way and will pull in all sorts of my green friends to share their wisdom, inspiration and resources to help you along your journey.  

I look forward to getting to know you and working together to make our earth just a wee bit better off . . . 

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