Straw-LESS across the world


Did you hear? Companies and governments across the world are taking steps to go Straw-LESS!  Alaska Airlines has become the first US airline to ditch plastic straws from its flights.  They will be saving 22 million straws from going into a landfill PER YEAR!  Ryanair has pledged to do the same and Fiji and Thai Airways have said they will “significantly reduce” their plastic use on flights.  Airlines aren’t the only ones stepping up- the Cities of Seattle, Miami Beach, Malibu, Santa Monica, San Luis Obispo and Manhattan Beach, the Manhattan Beach and Los Gatos Unified School Districts, London City Airport, Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts, Sea World, Ikeaand even the whole country of Vanuato have also banned plastic straws. The United Kingdomis set to ban single use plastics, including straws, as early as next year and Royal Carribeanhas also pledged to eliminate single use plastics, including straws.  The European Commissionhas proposed a ban on single use plastic products “where alternatives are readily available and affordable”. If airlines, cruise ships, airports, hotel chains, school districts, cities, entire countries, and the whole European Commission can go Straw-LESS, so can YOU!!!