Going Idle-LESS with E3 Vehicles!

Look for me around town in one of their NEVs this June AND win an NEV for a weekend by taking my Pledge to Go Idle-LESS!

Did you know 70% of a household's trips are under 3 miles? - a bit too long to walk and a bit too short to take public transit, but ideal for Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs).  According to a study by the South Bay Cities Council of Governments, by driving an NEV, the average household can reduce their emissions by 20%!  This June, I will be driving around town in this green NEV from E3Vehicles to reduce my idling and emissions.  

The good news is that E3 Vehicles is offering you the chance to try one too!  Simply take my Pledge to Go Idle-LESS & you will be entered into a raffle to drive a Tomberlin NEV FREE FOR A WHOLE WEEKEND from My Green Friend e3vehicles!  Or stop by and mention my blog & you can test drive one of E3’s electric vehicle for an hour any time this month.  I had the pleasure of interviewing the owner of E3 Vehicles, Amy Errett.  Check out my interview with Amy to learn more about NEVs and your chance to try one.