Going Fright-LESS

Halloween is upon us, and you may be wondering how you can enjoy Halloween without “freaking” out our eco-system.  It turns out 40 million kids trick or treating each year ends up being quite an environmental nightmare from all the candy wrapper waste, toxin laden make-up painted on faces, single-use costumes, and single-use decorations.  This Halloween, let’s Go “Fright-LESS” to enjoy Halloween’s treats, while avoiding the dirty tricks Halloween plays on the environment.  There are so many simple actions you can take to have an eco-friendly, Fright-LESS Halloween. Here are a few:



An easy way to Go Fright-LESS is to choose reusable (instead of single-use) costumes.  You can even create a costume closet for your community or school. Or you can create your own DIY costume with old clothes you have or can get at your local thrift store.  You can even dress you kids as a trash can and recycle bin made from things out of your recycle bin!  My son and his friend even made “Litter-Monster” costumes one year.  If you must buy a new costume, choose one made from natural fibers, like cotton.  Most Halloween costumes are made from PVC or plastics that may not be safe for you, your children, and the environment.  



When choosing make-up, choose a safe, non-toxic brand.  A lot of the Halloween make-up geared towards kids is filled with lead- yes lead - along with other toxic metals!  


Trick or Treat Bags:

When trick-or-treating, be sure to bring your own reusable bag or a good ole’ fashion pillow case from your home you can wash and re-use after Halloween.  That’s easy, right?  No need to buy another plastic orange Jack-O-Lantern.  Do you want to know why single-use bags are harmful? Reread my Bag-LESS blog post!  Pick a reusable bag from my list of favorites here for your little one so he or she can learn how to reuse as well.



Are you going to be passing out candy?  Be sure to purchase organic.  It’s less harsh on the environment and healthier for you and your littles.  You can get some great organic lollipops made from real fruit juice.  They’re not that expensive and they taste delicious too! 



Is your front porch going to be spooky this Halloween?  Make your own decorations from recycled materials.  It’s easier on the environment and it’s a fun activity to do with your family. Check out some fun inspiration here.


Think about where you trick or treat and how to get there: 

Consider trick-or-treating in your local area to keep your carbon footprint to a minimum.  It has the added benefit of getting to know your neighbors!  If you go to an area to trick or treat far from your house, consider taking public transit or carpooling.  Both of these options will help you go Emissions-LESS, the Everyday Eco-Habit we are adopting this month.

Don’t forget to post your pictures and tag me and #everydayecohabits to show me the fun, eco-friendly ways you’re going #Fright-LESS this Halloween!