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A Little Less Toxic’s Shawna Holman Shares Her Wisdom On Going Toxin-Less In Your Home

I was introduced to Shawna Holman from A Little Less Toxic by My Green Friend Lauren Muller.  She thought I might want to check out her tips on reducing toxins in your home.  Lauren was right - Shawna has plenty of everyday, doable tips for replacing toxins in your home with healthy alternatives.  I am thrilled to share my interview of her here so you can learn from her wisdom.  Check out her Instagram @alittlelesstoxic to help you on your journey to Go Toxin-LESS.  

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Going Toxin-LESS

I want to show you how to Spring clean without using toxic cleaners so that you get a clean home, a clean earth, and a clean bill of health all at the same time. That's why this month, we're adopting the Eco-Habit of Going Toxin-LESS.

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